Golf Course Rules & Regulations

Kishwaukee Country Club has a number of golf rules that need to be enforced in order to ensure an enjoyable time for all golfers.  These rules make it possible for the golf staff and personnel to serve our members and guests.  Players are expected at all times to observe these rules and etiquette of golf. 

The golf professional has two specific responsibilities: (1) the enforcement of the rules and etiquette of golf as well as the regulations of Kishwaukee Country Club; and (2) the playing rules of the USGA.  The Sports & Pastimes Committee may review any decisions of the golf professional relating to the rules and etiquette of golf or the rules of the Kishwaukee Country Club.


  • All golfers must register at the Pro Shop before playing in order to acquaint our Pro with the members, to control golf course traffic, to prevent non-members from playing, to control handicaps, and to reach a member who might receive an emergency call.
  • All tournament golf, both medal and match, shall be played under the rules adopted by the United States Golf Association (USGA), except as otherwise provided by local rules.  Any interpretation of USGA rules will be rendered by our Professional and his decision shall be final.

Golf Course Conduct
  • Foursomes have priority over singles, twosomes, and threesomes.  Less than foursomes shall play through only with the permission of the foursome.
  • The golf professional has the right to pair twosomes.  A twosome should not expect to play faster than a foursome and should not expect those ahead to permit them to play through.  Let's lick slow play!
  • If players fail to keep their pace on the course and lose in distance one clear hole from those in front, they must permit the following players to pass through.
  • Group play in excess of foursomes is strictly prohibited except with permission from the Club professional or his staff.
  • Golfers playing the entire 18 holes have priority on the 17th.  Men may not tee off hole #1 until all women have cleared the first hole on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
  • Starting play or cutting in on holes other than number one tee is discourteous and frustrating to players already on the course.  There are times, however, when this can be done without interfering with the play of others.  To do this, obtain permission from the golf professional or his staff.
  • Each and every player must have and play from his/her own bag of clubs.
  • Players looking for a lost ball for longer than five minutes must allow other players coming up to pass them.  In this event, they must signal to the players following to pass and, having given such a signal, they should not continue their play until these players have passed and are out of range.
  • No player should play from the tee until the players in front have played their second strokes and are out of range, nor play up to the putting green until the players in front have holed out and moved away.
  • Do not leave golf bags or carts in front of the greens or push carts over any part of the greens.  To speed play, after holing out please record scores at the next tee location. 

Dress Code

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